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Mr Boston Bear 2011 Guest Speaker and Judge: Joe Mannetti PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 11 August 2011 22:50

What makes a “Bear” a “Bear“? Ask ten different people (assuming that the person you ask is even familiar with our unique queer lexicon!), and you‘ll likely get ten different answers… although most of the definitions will surely involve a mention about hot hairiness or beautiful bulk.

Joe Mannetti-- a multi-titular, passionate community activist and performer-- is both hotly hairy and beautifully bulky… and he embraces his role as a bona fide Bear icon in a big way. But Joe’s dedication to the community-- to the Bear World and to the GLBT community at large-- goes way beyond his notoriety as a woofy pin-up.

For starts, Mannetti is a dedicated and skillful fundraiser. He was named “Bear Fundraiser of the Year 2009” in "The Best of the Bears" Poll… and at the time of our interview at the dawn of 2011, he was busy as ever planning his next big thing.

Joe is a member of Sandy Reinhardt’s philanthropic org Mama’s Family, where he was named “Mama's Care Bear” for his dedication to our community. These accolades are just the start of a long list of titles.

Joe is also (get ready!) Mr. Southern California Cub 2006, Mr. Long Beach Pride Bear/Cub 2008, Mr. Los Angeles Bear 2008, Mr. Southern California Bear 2008, Prince with The Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut, and Mr. International Daddy Bear 2009.

Joe is also an Ambassador of Hope 2010 for The Dab the AIDS Bear Project, a community-based organization of concerned citizens infected and/or affected by HIV and AIDS. Their goal is to prevent new cases of HIV while helping to empower HIV-positive citizens, through awareness and education. Courtesy: Jed and

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